Chitram is a multimedia musical theater production depicting the unity inherent in the vast diversity of cultures across the Indian subcontinent. It explores the diversity and plurality that exists in the very nature of Indian culture, through music, dance and a journey through the multi-faceted aspects of India. Chitram has been performed in Dayton OH, Cincinnati OH, Wilmington OH, Tampa, Ft Lauderdale FL, Houston TX, St Paul MN, Toronto ON and for the first time in India in Jan 2020.


Chitram premiered at the Asian Cultural Festival, Wright State University in April 2005 and was an overwhelming success instantly. The performance was hailed by the campus community and the general public as a moving and powerful experience. It was performed yet again in the Detroit area and in Cincinnati OH where it was celebrated widely as a moving portrayal of India. It has also been performed at Wilmington College. Its 2009 performance at Tampa was a spectacular success when Chitram brought a large community of artists and audiences together in an unprecedented manner.

Chitram has been conceived and created by Cincinnati based Kanniks Kannikeswaran, a visionary musician, composer and music educator with several recordings and productions to his credit.

Highlights of Chitram include

•A powerful music score performed live by a 50 member team of artists (including a choir,  dancers and soloists).


•A seamless integration of diverse music and dance forms of India through a gripping storyline that traces the cultural history of the Indian diaspora in the context of today’s globalized world.

•Multi-media featuring images portraying the stunning diversity of Indian culture, choreographed to flow with the music and add to the story telling experience.

"Chitram was very creative and original in theme and in production. As a talented artist, you have combined the right chemistry to the group to not only connect with one another but also with the audience who was mesmerized with the magnificence and fluidity of the show".

Mai Nguyen, Director, Asian/Hispanic/Native American Center, Wright State University

"..The dancing and music and narratives were just outstanding. It looked like everything went off without a hitch and I heard many good comments as I was leaving. And we all learned a lot about India at the sametime.."

Denny Rogers, GM Controls, COE - GE Aviation

"Chitram was great. One of the best concerts I have seen..."

Sangeeta D. GM Lean Six Sigma GE Aviation

" I was very much impressed and moved. I have no doubt that all of us who came to see the performance must have felt that they learned something, and that they wished the performance had not ended".

Audience Member at the world premiere of Chitram, April 2005

“a mesmerizing combination of Indian hymns and instrumentals in conjunction with Western melodic creations that together had the effect of an inspiring symphony.. An effort such as Chitram is exceedingly crucial in the globalized world of today..”

Prof Monish Chatterji, University of Dayton

“… India as never portrayed before….”

“… a moving experience….”

For more information please contact Kanniks Kannikeswaran at 513 226 0676.



"A must see for those that want to learn about India..."


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