With Mallika Sarabhai

JEEVAN TAAL: In 1998 Kanniks spent time in residence at the Darpana Academy of Performing Arts - Ahmedabad and composed the score for Jeevan Taal, the opening dance concert for Mahotsav 1999, a grand international dance festival at Ahmedabad.

The music score of Jeevan Taal used framed folk themes in modern orchestration using a combination of synthesized sounds, folk drums and other instruments such as the dilruba, the shahnai and more; the score explored folk traditions from Kerala, Assam, Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Jeevan Taal was choreographed by one of India's icons of classical and modern dance - Mrinalini Sarabhai and produced by the internationally renowned Mallika Sarabhai.

"Jeevan Taal is the music of life set to the rhythm of heart beats. It is a celebration of life for when there is life there is hope"...
- Mallika Sarabhai

With Kalaimamani Saraswati

COSMIC DANCE HALLS: The classical Indian ballet whose script and score were conceptualized and created by Kanniks, was choreographed by well known danseuse Kalaimaamani Saraswati, of Chennai, India. Known as 'Aada vallaanin aindu sabhaigal', this production premeired at the Naatyaanjali dance festival at Perur in India and has been broadcast several times on Indian national television.

"The music score of this dance ballet is in very fine taste. The music conveys the essence of the mythology very effectively..."
- Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna - Eminent Classical singer and composer

"After six years, I still remember your refrains to which I danced.."
- Narendra Kumar - Eminent dancer who played a lead role in this performance

"Your music is fresh. It is steeped in classicism; it is yet very easily hummable. We remember refrains from this dance ballet, even after seven years..."
- Kalaimaamani Saraswati, Choreographer

With Lakshmi Shankar

It is a matter of great privilege that Lakshmi Shankar - a doyenne of Indian Classical Music sang the music of Shanti on stage in the debut performance of Shanti in 2004. Lakshmiji is a very highly regarded musician who has participated in several of Pandit Ravishankar's musical projects; she was the lead vocalist in the Academy award winning film Gandhi. Shanti - A Journey of Peace was highly privileged to have Lakshmi Shankar sing the lead.

"Your compositions are wonderful and your command over both the Hindustani and the Karnatic idiom is very commendable"
- Lakshmi Shankar's observations on Shanti

"You had used western harmony in conjunction with raagas such as yaman in a manner that framed the melody in a very beautiful context".
- Lakshmi Shankar's observations on The Blue Jewel, 1996

With Catherine Roma

Catherine Roma is a much loved conductor in the Cincinnati music circles. It was through a meeting in 1994 that the idea of The Blue Jewel germinated. This collaboration led to a spectacular performance in 1996 with Cathy conducting the music of The Blue Jewel. Shanti was a collaboration at yet another level where a diverse community of people got built around the idea of music and peace.


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