In an increasingly globalized world there is more and more diversity both at the virtual and at the physical workplace. There are clear merits in understanding aspects of other cultures.

ASIA presents corporate workshops that present a clear picture of India, its history, its culture, its role in current affairs and in tomorrow's world.

These interactive presentations answer a whole range of questions and are of great value to businesses that either have a presence in India or are interacting with service providers in India. What are the commonalities between two of the greatest democracies (India and the United States) on earth?  What are the cultural differences?

ASIA offers workshops on Indian culture to institutions and groups in the United States. These workshops range from brown bag lunch presentations to half a day workshops. The feedback received from participants bear testimony to the power of these presentations. Kanniks' presentations have clearly created a greater understanding of Indian culture and have opened up new worlds of possibilities.

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop please contact us at
513 315 9286.

Scene from Shanti - May 2004

Feedback from some of the Diversity Training Workshops conducted by Kanniks.

"I am more culturally sensitive now..."

"I have a new respect and understanding of the religion of co-workers. I am open to new info and now am more equipped to have a conversation regarding beliefs and customs..."

"Excellent trainer..."

"Instructor was clearly well versed in the topic and was able to offer personal info which made the lecture more interesting and real..."


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