Celebrating the heritage of the Shringeri Sankara Peetham with the Totakashtakam in praise of Adi Sankara, kritis in praise of Saraswati by Muthuswami Dikshitar along with ragamalikas featuring text by the Acharyas of the Shringeri Peetham.


A two part recording featuring all of the 39  nottusvara sahityas of Muthusvami Dikshitar recorded with Indian voices and largely Celtic orchestration. Now available on AMAZON and CD BABY Watch videoclip on Youtube.


Released by the ASIA label, Kanniks' recording of Banaras presents   Neelakantha - a swarakshara swarajati as well as dhrupads and compositions of Muthusvami Dikshitar in praise of the timeless city of Banaras. Banaras is now available on CD BABY.


Released by the ASIA label, Tamil Marai is a presentation of the recordings of Kanniks over the last 12 years, wherein he has presented ancient tamil verses in the contemporary idiom. Tamil Marai is now available on CD BABY.


Kanniks' first album TIRUVARANGAM is a contemporary musical rendition of the Tamil hymns of the Alwars of the first millennium CE, in praise of the ancient temple at Srirangam, India. Based on classical raagas, and set to tunes easily accessible to a wide audience base, Tiruvarangam still sells in Chennai, 13 years after its first release.

"Tiruvarangam is a masterpiece....No other song can evoke the same sublime feeling as amalanAdi pirAn in tiruvarangam"
- Crazy Mohan, Leading Playwright and dialogue writer, Chennai, India

"The simplicity of the music, couched in rich orchestration makes you get the classical lyrics instantly.."
- Khaantan - Film Director, Chennai, India


Released in 1994 by AVM Audio celebrates the mountain trek to the pilgrimage center Sabari mala. Sabari has been praised for its original lyrical richness and the strong current of classicism in a contemporary orchestral setting.

"The music of Sabari is exceedingly sweet..."
- gnAnabhUmi, Tamil monthly, Chennai


A musical Celebration of Spring is a studio recording of the music of a musical theater production BASANT, conceived and composed by Kanniks in 1994. Proceeds from the sales of this album were used to fund developmental projects in India. (Watch video clip on Youtube).


Produced for the KumbhabhishEkam of the Murugan shrine at the Hindu Temple of Greater Cincinnati, is rendition of tEvAram hymns in their traditional melodies and a rendition of the tiruppukazh hymns of the 2nd millennium CE in a contemporary classical form.


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- Chitram
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