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The recent performance of Kanniks Kannikeswaran's new work 'Sharad - A Celebration of Autumn' at the Korzo Indian Dans Festival, Den Haag, Netherlands was a very special one from the stand point of many 'firsts'.

It marks the birth of the world's first Hindustani (Surinamese people of Indian origin) choir. It is also the first Indian choir in the Netherlands. It is the 9th such choir founded by composer Kanniks Kannikeswaran. It is also the first of its kind trans-Atlantic musical work featuring a US based composer of Indian origin, singers and dancers from the Surinamese Indian community in the Netherlands and India based choreographer Revanta Sarabhai.

The germination of this idea started with conversations between Korzo's art director Leo Spreskel and  Kanniks  back in April 2013. Singers (ranging from amateurs to professionals) from the Hindustani community came together thanks to the initiative of Korzo for the first set of intense rehearsals with Kanniks Kannikeswaran in Aug/Sep 2013. These rehearsals were followed by weekly skype sessions where under the 'remote' guidance of the composer, the choir grew to  develop its. unique musical personality and a collective 'choral sound'. The rehearsals and the learning process came to a thrilling finale during the 'sharad purnima' weekend in October 2013 when the production premiered at the Korzo Theater denHaag, Holland to a prolonged standing ovation from an audience that was touched and moved by the performance.

The original music score featured ancient sanskrit text special to the season set to ragas of the autumn season. The choir was accompanied by a unique instrumental ensemble featuring a cello, harp, piano, flute, tabla and miscellaneous percussion. Part of the music was choreographed by Revanta Sarabhai. Guest artists included kathak dancers Hari and Chetna from India and Vidita Kanniks from the United States.





For more information please contact Kanniks Kannikeswaran at 513 226 0676.



"The world's first Hindustani choir - and a pioneering usage of distance learning in choral work..."

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