ASIA offers intense music workshops packed with knowledge and interesting exercises that markedly increase the musical awareness and skills of participants. ASIA also offers workshops on Indian culture, Hinduism and other related topics.

Music Workshops:

Indian Music Appreciation: This is a fun filled interactive workshop that caters primarily to people of Indian origin who would like to expand their horizons in Indian music appreciation.

The rAga vidya workshop: This is an intense course on rAgas and pattern recognition. This enables participants to relate to rAgas and their occurrence in contemporary music.

Introduction to Indian music for western musicians: This course is a gentle introduction to the basics of Indian music to those trained in western music.

Participant Feedback

"I never knew that I could identify rAgas. This course was an eye opener.."
- Participant - rAga workshop

"I was always intimidated by Indian classical music. Kanniks' workshop has enhanced my appreciation and respect for Indian Classical music manifold".
- Participant - Music Appreciation workshop

"As a teenager, my musical training has all been in western music alone. These workshops have opened a new window and have enabled me to relate to Indian culture and music. .."
- Participant, rAga vidyA™ sikshA

"Your mode of teaching is really interesting and it has stimulated a strong pitch sense in my child..."
- Parent

Other Workshops:

The Hindu way of life: An overview of the way of life that is Hinduism. This workshop benefits both people of Indian origin as well as those attempting to gain a glimpse into Hinduism.



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