Excerpt from Mr Ramadorai's keynote speech at the Music Academy sadas Jan 1, 2009    

On Innovation and Openness

" ..........Last week, an IIT Madras alumni, a practising business intelligence software consultant and a classically trained Carnatic musician met with these young Ignite trainees. He shared insights from his creative reconciliation of two cultures and two worlds of art and technology, of India and America, of business and culture, of classical western and Indian music.  He shared numerous examples of how this movement across mindsets unleashed innnovation.  For example, he shared his research on the adaptation of Celtic folk tunes by the orthodox musical genius of 18th century south India, Sri Muthuswamy Dikshitar.  If Dikishtar could compose and set Vedantic hymns to Celtic melodies two hundred years ago, what indeed stops us from innovating? He also drew on team-building abilities of the choral tradition of western music and had the whole class at Ignite participating in a choral demo during the lecture*  ....."

* Kanniks Kannikeswaran presented a lecture demonstration titled "Inclusive Musical Innovation" at Ignite - TCS, Chennai on December 22, 2008.



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