(1996, 1997, 1999, 2008)

"Profoundly moving..."

"Incredibly beautiful..."

"A true blend of the art of cultures..."

"Extraordinary vision and talent..."

The Blue Jewel is a grand multi-media musical celebrating the interconnectedness of life on earth. It is a call for sustainable living and it attempts to draw our attention to the state of the earth today. In a musical journey through time, it portrays our existence and visualizes a shared future for the co-existence of all life forms on this planet.

The Blue Jewel premiered in Cincinnati in May 1996 and was performed to packed houses for two years in a row at the Worldfest celebrations of the University of Cincinnati. It came back for a repeat performance at Clermont College, University of Cincinnati.


More than 1500 people from the Cincinnati community experienced the presentation of The Blue Jewel.

The Blue Jewel, a musical salutation to Earth, was presented as part of WORLDFEST 1996. More than 150 artists put together the 70 minute long production that included music and dance and was performed twice on May 3 and once on May 5.

An audience member's comments summed up the program as "spectacular program, well representing our reality, our planet and the environment." Another audience member commented, "The program brought out the fragility of the Earth very clearly". The original music score combined elements of several world music styles, the dances from various cultures and multimedia left the audience spellbound and wanting for more.

The audience was moved to tears at the end of of the program when the 150 plus performers formed a human chain said to symbolize the magic of creation and the interconnectedness of all of life.

"The Blue Jewel is just the beginning", remarked Kanniks, the director of the program.

The program was flagged off by an introductory address by Dr. Mitchel Livingston, Vice President of Student Affairs. Mayor Roxanne Qualls, the mayor of Cincinnati made a special appearance at the performance.

"I thought it was a wonderful multi media production that reflected well the harmonic diversity of peoples and cultures through music. It demonstrated the interdependence of people to the blue jewel - the earth. This was a terrific performance. It showed remarkable creativity and was a beautiful homage to our home."
- Roxanne Qualls, Cincinnati Mayor

"Wow - what an experience! There were so many levels for me to enjoy, observe and appreciate; the emotional energy; the enthusiastic performances, the wonderful music and the beautiful message itself. Performing the Blue Jewel was an emotional and at times spiritual experience for me. I think it is obvious that I was touched by The Blue Jewel. Judging by the smiles and tears of the audience, I trust they were touched as well..."
- Julie Dyer, Performer, Co-Conductor

"The whole was breathtaking and so were the parts. There is no way we can thank you enough for your gift to the City of Cincinnati."
- Professor Howard Tolley, University of Cincinnati

"The Blue Jewel is a feast of the art forms of instrumental and choral music, dance and images from a variety of cultures. It blends these together to generate a vision of the wholeness of world community that fosters harmony, celebrates diversity and cherishes all life".
- Mary M. Darner, Member, St. John's Unitarian Universalist Church


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