Relevance to Children of the Indian Diaspora


The compositions featured in this recording are totally Indian from the standpoint of the stotra literature-based lyrics that constitute their body although the melody is of western origin and is devoid of characteristic Indian ornamentation. (Listen to Vismaya).

This genre of music represents the innate ability of Indian culture to be open to ideas from the other parts of the world while integrating them within its ocean of knowledge.

The recording ‘Vismaya—An Indo Celtic Musical Journey’ renders these compositions using Indian voices and western instruments. In doing so, it re-creates the  magical wonderment of the synthesis of diverse traditions 200 years ago.

Vismaya is a unique educational and delectable album for children of Indian origin in today's globalized world.  It is easily a  great way of getting introduced to the Indian classical world. The easy reproducibility of these catchy tunes and the beauty of the sanskrit lyrics of Dikshitar that adorn these tunes is a rare and brilliant combination that creates instant wonderment!.

Vismaya is a collection of brisk marches, lilting lullabies and more in sanskrit. It is being viewed by many parents as the ideal bedtime music for their toddlers, pre-schoolers and kindergarteners.

The American School of Indian Art has been teaching this relatively lesser known genre of music to children of Indian origin. It has been seen over and over again, that this music immediately interests and excites children of all ages. (See feedback from listeners) and stimulates their interest in Indian music and culture. It is also a rare educational tool that  leads to a marked improvement in  their diction of sanskrit and their overall musical awareness.

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