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there was more to your effort which I only discovered when I played the music CD for my 15 month old son at home….He began to dance spontaneously to the tunes. It was as-if he could not help but dance!  Isn’t that what music/dance is all about? To me this contribution to the younger generation is indeed precious and timeless.

 Mother Nature’s hidden hand is obvious in making this happen…Perhaps this is how Dikshitar himself would have expressed this effort….

Dr. Alok Baveja
Associate Professor of Information and Management Sciences
School of Business
Rutgers, The State University of
New Jersey

For the last month or so, this CD has been playing endlessly at our house. Our 5 year old daughter Neeti has been playing this CD for everyone who has been coming home. I was speechless when she offered to trade TV time for Vismaya time!

Prasad and Prathima
Dayton OH

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