Deities addressed in the nottusvara sahityas

Indian spiritual thought believes in the interconnectedness of all of life, in the infinity of creation (manifestation). It brings to the fore, the  oneness of the source of it all. Its inherent pluralism allows for multiple ways in which to connect to this source.

Thus, the unfolding of the theistic traditions in India has seen the conceptualization and worship of this Unity of the source in the form of Shiva, Shakti, Vishnu, Ganesha and so on. (See Templenet).

This pluralistic approach to existence is clearly seen in the compositions of Dikshitar. The weighty masterpieces of  Dikshitar based  on the raaga traditions  of India are addressed to various devatas or deities.

A similar approach is seen in the nottusvara sahityas as well. Thus we have nottusvara sahityas addressed to Ganesha (Shakti sahita ganapatim), Anjaneya (Anjaneyam), Devi (Samaganapriye, Santatam  Pahimam, Syamale Minakshi, Hey Maye, Vagdevi), Shiva (Sakalasura, Kanchisam,  Muchukunda, chintayeham), Bhairava (Pita varnam), Vishnu (santatam govindarajam), Skanda (guruguha sarasija, gurumurte, subramanyam, guruguhapada) and several on Rama (rajivalochanam, ramachandram etc.), etc..

As with the kritis, the nottusvara sahityas address elements of tradition related to the shrines enshrining the devatas.

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