kamalaasana vandita paadaabje

The nottusvara sahityas of Dikshitar constitute a very interesting study on the very broad based approach of the composer as he encountered music from alien traditions.

In consideration here, is the song kamalasana vandita padabje.
The original tune is that of a folk melody seen in English and American country dance, referred to as a gallopede (Hungary was the birthplace of the gallopede).

This tune accompanies a high energy dance.

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The very nature of the tune forces three claps at the end of each line. Let us look at the manner in which Dikshitar has fitted lyrics to the tune.

Here are the words.

kamalaasana vandita paadaabje
kamaneeya karodaya saaamraajye
kamalaanagare sakalaakaare
kamalanayana dhrita jagadaadhaare
kamale vimale guruguha janani
kamalaapatinuta hridaye maaye
kamala shashi vijaya vadane meye
kamalendraani vaagdevi sri
gauri poojita hridayaanande
kamalaakshi paahi kaamakshi
kaamesvara vara sati kalyaani

The powerful rhythm in the words add to the playful gaiety of the song.

The song itself is in praise of kamalamba of Tiruvarur. Note that Dikshitar has a whole range of songs on Kamalamba using the weightiest of tunes and lyrics.

This song can be regarded as a child’s dhyana gita, as a prelude to learning classical music.

It is clear that the musical seriousness of his kritis form an interesting contrast with the easily hummable western folk tunes upon which the nottusvara sahityas are based.

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