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ASIA presents the following educational events in conjunction with the CD recording 'Vismaya - An Indo Celtic Musical Journey'.


We are proud to share this unique slice of history that is representative of the inclusive nature of Indian culture with the rest of the world through informative and interactive multimedia lecture concerts.

The lecture concerts have been received with a great degree of enthusiasm by audiences at various venues in the United States.

“thank you for such an insightful discovery, presentation and an amazing CD production..”

“vismaya touches, moves and inspires..”

“you have touched the lives of youngsters in a very positive way. Much more than you know..”

“we were sitting spellbound listening to the presentation.."

Please contact us to schedule a lecture concert in your area.

VISMAYA Workshops

The easy reproducibility of these catchy tunes and the beauty of the sanskrit lyrics of Dikshitar that adorn these tunes is a rare and brilliant combination and it creates instant wonderment!.The American School of Indian Art has been teaching this relatively lesser known genre of music to children of Indian origin. It has been seen over and over again, that this music immediately interests and excites children of all ages.

ASIA now shares the joy of this music through customized workshops for children in various locations. For more information on workshop content, logistics and pricing and to schedule a workshop in your area, please contact us.

Other Events

An excerpt from the musical theater production 'Vismaya - The Cultural Wonder' was presented at a reception held in honor of India's 11th president, Dr. Abdul Kalam, to a rousing standing ovation from a packed hall in March 2008 and in April 2009.

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