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Vismaya is an expression of my fascination for the nottusvara sahitya genre of music.

An appreciation that began in my childhood, hearing three generations of my family, starting with my great grandfather, play similar music on the violin and veena. It also represents a lifetime of curiosity about the origin of Indian band tunes heard during my childhood in the George Town-North Madras area.

This project is the culmination of a three year effort to research and record the Dikshita svarasahitya compositions with western accompaniments.

The American School of Indian Art in Cincinnati, OH, has taught the svarasahityas to many children of Indian descent (ages 4 to 7) and has seen a marked improvement in their diction of Indian languages.

The glow of wonder on the faces of children as they hear these lovable compositions for the first time is something that brings me ceaseless inspiration.

This is a humble salutation to the genius of Dikshitar, as I attempt to spread this glow of wonderment through this recording. To young children, these svarasahityas are a great introduction to the world of Indian music. To infants, they are a set of lilting lullabies. For each one of us, they are a collection of joyful songs that brings to life the child within.

Kanniks  Kannikeswaran March 2008

Vismaya - An Indo Celtic Musical Journey Copyright © 2008 K. Kannikeswaran


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